Nestled in the heart of Liverpool, the Calli Apartment complex is exemplar to the new crop of high-quality multi residential constructions that are supporting the suburb’s status as ‘Sydney’s 3rd CBD’. A hive of business, education, and activity, Liverpool is a thriving multicultural metropolis in its own right - one whose rapid population expansion has seen it become a mecca for considered medium-density living and modern architecture. The Calli Apartment complex offers affordable 2 & 3 bedroom apartments targeted predominantly at the many young families who are putting down roots in the area. The living spaces are wide open and light-filled, and the apartments incorporate modern design principles and high quality finishes that allow owners to tailor their space to suit their own personal needs.

The apartments aim to balance high-quality finishes and aesthetics, affordability, and functionality throughout - an ethos and guiding principle that extends from their light fixtures to their drains. Finding drains that not only looked great, but were able to perform reliably in a multi-dwelling application (where a blocked drain could cause big problems) was essential.

Calli Apartments contacted Stormtech to discuss their drainage requirements. Stormtech’s patented linear drains were specified for the apartment balconies and sliding doors, as well as the thresholds at some entrances to the complex. While Stormtech grates are frequently specified in stainless steel for their durability and modern finish, they also come in a range of other colour options to suit the specific visual requirements of any design. Here, the grates for both the apartment balconies and the sliding doors drains specified in a matte black grate, in keeping with the wider apartment design. On the ground floor, Stormtech linear drains provide a level threshold to reduce the amount of water tracked into the apartment complex. Here, the drains were specified with stainless steel grates to complement and contrast the black metal frames of the doors. Stormtech drains brought the precise mix of luxury, durability, and functionality to the Calli Apartments to ensure a lot of happy residents for years to come.

Architect: Gus Fares Architects
Builder: Lipman
Products Specified: 65PSTDi, 65PSi40MTL, 100TRTDi, and 100TRi40MTL