Southern Lifts  can provide an 8 - 10 week lead time for a Silens Pro machine room-less lift (MRL) Lift, either 630Kg/8 person or 1000Kg/13.

Silens-Pro, available from Southern Lifts, is a machine room-less lift. The installation of Silens-Pro is less complicated in terms of construction requirements and space requirements.

Its innovative gearless permanent-magnet synchronous motor is located at the top of the pit on a bedplate fixed to the guide rails, which are, in turn, securely fastened to every floor structure so that the load is transmitted to the pit, preventing vibration from affecting the walls of adjoining homes or office space.

The Silens-Pro is free of vibration or mechanical noise. Its gearless permanent-magnet motor solves the noise problems typical of traditional gear-motors.

The Silens-Pro gearless motor turns at 60rpm without using gears. The lack of gears and the variable-frequency movement control provide comfortable rides and precise, smooth stops.