Available from Southern Lifts , Apollo residential lifts provide the freedom to move about the house to those who otherwise might find, for a variety of reasons, their home is simply getting beyond them.

The Apollo lift occupies little space, and is reliable, safe and very cost-effective. The Apollo residential lift also helps the couple or individual extend the time they can live in their family home.

Designed in Australian to comply with strict Australian Standards, Apollo residential lifts are simple, safe and reliable. The mechanics are robust and long-lasting with minimal ongoing servicing costs.

The lift is simple and quick to install, the very flexible Apollo lift can be retro fitted to any home in days and can also be supplied in a finish to match the specific décor of the home.

Apollo home lifts can be installed inside the home or on an external wall with doors opening into each level. Another advantage is the structural tower supplied with the lift, giving considerable savings on building works.

The Apollo residential lift can be manufactured in as little as six weeks, compared to imported lifts that could take up to twenty plus weeks to be delivered.

The Australian made Apollo lift can be modified to suit specific customer requirements and décor and there are also numerous interiors available for the car. Lift size can be varied to fit tight or awkward spaces.