Lighting is considered one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to brighten up the home.

Warm light, white light, day colour light, LED, or natural light - with so many options available, homeowners are often confused about the type of lighting they should install in their home.

Solatube Australia advises that a combination of different kinds of lighting should be installed in the home. This is because the lighting requirement of each room is unique. What most people don’t realise is how light can affect the way they feel, live or work, and influence even the look of the home.

Get the best of both worlds by combining various artificial lighting options with adequate natural light facilitated through products such as windows, skylights or tubular daylighting systems. Natural light from the sun is the best lighting source that transitions from warm (sunrise) to daylight, to warm (sunset) again, allowing you to use warm light in every room to create a relaxing living space while still utilising the best colour light during the day.

Colour rendition is one of the most important reasons why natural light should be used in the home. While LED offers an average of 80 per cent colour rendition, natural light delivers 100 per cent – this could determine if that suit in your wardrobe is navy or black, for instance, or whether you have picked the right shade of makeup in your bathroom. Natural light can turn an old, tired looking home into something that makes colours pop and feel vibrant.

How do you get natural light into your home? Windows will allow you to see the sky and create a feature; however, if you’re looking to spread beautiful natural light evenly across the entire interior space, install a tubular daylighting device or tubular skylight at a fraction of the cost of traditional large windows.