Earth Hour is fast approaching and Solatube Australia  is onboard as a registered supporting company. Earth Hour takes place on Saturday, the 29th March between 8-9pm and is where all participants spend an hour without the use of electrical light.

According to Solatube Australia general manager, Mark Peall, it is important that people get involved in Earth Hour and realise the importance of saving energy.

“Solatube has always supported the energy saving movement globally through our daylighting solutions and ventilation systems,” Mark Peall said.

“We believe that energy reduction is vital for a sustainable future, which is why we have become a registered company of Earth Hour, but many offices, warehouses, schools and warehouses are using electric lighting during the day.”

“Avoiding the use of electric lighting on these types of premises, that operate mostly during daylight hours, would greatly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions – not only due to power consumption by the light fitting but also due to air conditioning costs, due to the heat emitted from electric light fittings.”

Solatube offers natural lighting solutions that not only provide controllable light but also proven low glare and heat gain. Combined with the positive human effect of Natural lighting, more organisations with these types of buildings are switching on to daylighting.

Earth Hour is expected to grow significantly this year as it moves from being a Sydney event to becoming a global movement.

“Last year there were over 2.2 million participants in Sydney and this year with the rest of the world getting involved we can look forward to many more,” Mark Peall said.

From the Sydney participants last year the energy consumption in Sydney was reduced by 10.2% for that hour.

“This dramatic saving in energy in just an hour is a reflection of how fundamental daylighting solutions can be in reducing energy permanently,” Mark Peall said.