Studies have shown that many households use more energy and are responsible for more pollution than motor vehicles. With concerns over environmental issues such as global warming rapidly increasing, the need to improve both domestic and commercial energy consumption is becoming widely recognised.

After the Australian Government released the 2004 White paper, Securing Australia’s energy future, Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Dr David Kemp, said that increasing energy efficiency is a cost-effective way to lower greenhouse emissions. Energy efficiency is good for the environment and contributes to an improved bottom line for businesses and lower bills for households. He wanted to encourage Australian businesses and households to take up all cost-effective opportunities.

Tubular skylights are a simple and cost-effective way for households and businesses alike to save energy. Solatube Australia , which designed the original tubular skylight in Australia over 15 years ago, has led the way in energy efficiency research, continually improving is range with environmental concerns in mind.

Solatube’s patented system dissipates heat into the roof cavity before it can raise the temperature of the room being lit. Roof-mounted reflectors, which are contained in a tough acrylic dome, are individually angled to catch the maximum amount of sunlight available.

According to Solatube, Solatube skylights have been carefully designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency. By manufacturing Solatube dome and diffuser with a unique UV resistant formula, and by ensuring that our tube is totally sealed to prevent heat transfer, Solatube has been able to achieve energy efficiency results.

Research conducted against the American Energy Efficiency legislation concluded that Solatube skylights retain an estimated 80% of heating in a building, emit 75% less solar heat and provide 23% more LUX hours compared to that of a standard square window.

The independent research commissioned by Solatube also shows the innovative Australian design of tubular skylight, which is now marketed worldwide, offers a performance that exceeds Australian testing standards. Available in 250mm and 400mm diameter tubes, Solatube skylights allow natural light to emerge into a room through a diffuser that spreads it without the heat gains or losses associated with traditional windows.

Solatube skylights can also be combined with Enviromax ventilation products, which include thermostatically controlled roof exhaust fans. The solar powered SolarStar can be installed to further enhance energy savings by exhausting ceiling voids, where heat builds up during the day and needs to be removed to enhance cooling efficiency. The Enviromax ventilation system is an environmentally conscious alternative to air conditioning, particularly in the warmer months of summer.

Solatube skylights and ventilation products can be fitted to any type of roof and Solatubes can be put in to lighten and brighten any type of room. Typically Solatube skylights are installed in bathrooms, hallways, laundries, kitchens, pantries, offices, sewing rooms and walk-in wardrobes.