The largest and most effective version of Solatube Australia’s tubular skylight has been released to dramatically increase energy savings for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Each new 21in (525mm) SolaMaster Skylight can produce light output equivalent to two standard three amp fluorescent light fixtures, flooding wide spaces with natural light from simple mountings in suspended ceilings, hard ceilings or open ceilings.

As part of the SolaMaster range designed specifically to integrate with T-Bar ceiling systems as well as hard ceilings, the latest Solatube uses the same light harvesting technology derived from the original Solatubes. The new 21in model multiplies the benefits of this through an expanded but unobtrusive mounting that delivers 12,000 lumens of relative light (equivalent to the usable light output of two fixtures each using three FO32T8 fluorescent lamps). Suitable for new or retrofit applications, the compact Solatube design outperforms conventional skylights many times its size, according to John Clark, Solatube’s general manager.

“The new SolaMaster is the perfect alternative to much larger traditional square skylights, without allowing the heat levels transmitted by traditional skylights of equivalent performance (up to 1200 x 1200mm),” he says. “The unique UV-treated dome of SolaMaster provides optimal energy performance without sacrificing natural light transfer. In addition to eliminating the heat transfer and bleaching qualities of direct sunlight, the 21in aperture required by the new Solatube enables it to be integrated into most buildings without structural modifications.”

A selection of Solatube flashings is available for fast installation (typically less than an hour) on a wide range of flat and pitched roof types, including metal, shingle, slate, single-ply and tile. The open ceiling system can be fully installed from the roof, eliminating the need for interior scaffolding or a lift system.

Source; Building Products News.