Inspiration is an important element of design, for it keeps design concepts creative and original. Inspiration can strike you quite randomly and can come from the unlikeliest of sources. Natural or manmade, there is always sufficient material around you to derive creative inspiration from – daylight, for instance.

Utilising daylight in design is one of the best-kept creative design secrets. Light in all its different forms can be utilised in so many inspiring ways. Daylight is becoming increasingly popular as a design element as people become more aware of its immense aesthetic and functional possibilities.

Designing with daylight

Just as you would use stone, wood, brick or glass as a design feature, natural light can be incorporated into an interior design plan to enhance or define a space, draw focus to a particular element or instil an emotion or feeling into an area. Daylight is an amazing element that can be harnessed to create beautiful, inspiring designs.

Integrating brilliant daylight into your design will make for extraordinary spaces. Below are two examples of inspiring uses of Solatube tubular daylighting systems from around the world. These installations delivered daylight into unique spaces to create attractive natural lighting that complemented the overall design.

Tubular daylighting pendants

In this particular application, the architects sought to create a stunning and inviting entrance with an artistic flair. To achieve their design intent, they utilised large, custom-made tubular daylighting pendants to create an enchanting entrance that celebrated the tubular form.

The celestial-inspired pattern

In this awe-inspiring daylighting design, the designers created a stunning celestial-inspired pattern using tubular daylighting devices. The natural light floods the space, creating balance and beauty. 

Need more daylight design inspiration?

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