Everybody knows that spring can be a time of maximum irritation outdoors for hay fever sufferers, but not everyone realises that similar problems can occur indoors.

Indoor air quality problems such as stale and stuffy rooms and hallways can affect personal comfort and health. A lack of ventilation can also increase build up of moisture in a room and cause mould, increase allergens and dust mites.

According to Solatube Australia , ventilation solutions are becoming increasingly important for many households. The air that we breathe in homes affects mood and comfort and health. A lack of fresh, clean air can cause headaches, and mould spores can cause itchy eyes and runny noses. Unfortunately, many Australian households are not designed with sufficient ventilation options.

Solatube’s Enviromax ventilation range provides an economical solution to ventilation problems. With the options of a single, double and triple point ventilation system available, they are suitable for almost any household.

The Enviromax ventilation systems work by reducing moisture in the air and replacing it with natural air. The Enviromax ventilation systems are ideal for reducing odours from certain areas of a house, removing steam and improving the general quality of air.

Enviromax ventilation systems can be combined with Solatube’s range of skylights in one versatile unit, making it possible for homeowners to enjoy natural light and fresh air without compromising the look of their ceiling. The combined skylight and ventilation unit is unobtrusive and discreet, and Solatube provides models to suit all room sizes.

Solatube’s compact but highly reflective tubular skylights are so efficient and effective that they carry sunlight where it could not penetrate before, bringing energy-efficient lighting and ventilation through to rooms deep within any home.

Solatube skylights provide homeowners with an effortless way to brighten their home. The Solatube skylights have an energy efficient sealed design, provide leak proof performance, have UV treated and hail proof domes, and a unique Light Intercepting Transfer Device allowing them to collect and direct the maximum amount of light down into a room. Combined with a Enviromax ventilation system, Solatube skylights make natural lighting and ventilation easy, affordable and effective.

Solatube skylights, which have won both the Australian Design Award and the Housing Industry Association's Best New Product award, have been proven in laboratory tests to shine bright, save energy, and keep homes feeling fresh.

Solatube’s Enviromax ventilation range also provides roof ventilation options for reducing heat loading in roof cavities, keeping rooms at comfortable temperatures and reducing energy costs.

Roof ventilation also protects against damage to roof materials and structure. There are many roof ventilation options available, including thermostats and double vent caps. Solatube’s roof ventilation systems can cool a room up to five times faster than conventional whirly birds. The Enviromax roof and room ventilation solutions range is extensive.