Lighting can make all the difference when it comes to home interiors. A well-lit home is definitely more inviting and welcoming than a dark, poorly lit one. Compared to traditional lighting systems, natural light is, without doubt, more beneficial to the residents’ wellbeing, improving both mind and body. Discover how daylighting systems from Solatube Australia can enhance your home and quality of life.

Though Australians are known to be outdoorsy, the sad fact is many people spend up to 90 per cent of their time inside the building, reducing their exposure to natural light, which can lead to health problems. In homes that don’t have a lot of access to natural light, the occupants have a higher exposure to artificial light sources, such as computer screens and televisions.

An affordable, simple and quick solution to get natural light inside is to install a Solatube daylighting system, which allows natural light to enter your house without transferring the heat.

Natural is best

Solatube’s Brett Dickson explains that exposure to adequate amounts of natural light has been proven to encourage people to exercise more and help them maintain regular circadian rhythms, which influence daily sleep and waking patterns.

Natural light can improve your health and wellbeing by releasing serotonin that boosts energy levels and the overall mood. For those with little opportunity to go out, Solatube recommends their daylighting system, which can effectively capture and bring daylight inside the home from the early morning until late afternoon. Solatube’s solutions can improve your health while reducing your reliance on other traditional sources of lighting.

Increase your home’s buyer appeal and market value

Homes with natural light-filled interiors are preferred by buyers. Real estate agent John Smyth of The Madison Agency in Sydney’s north says skylights add value to a home: “The amount of natural light a home receives can influence its appeal, the length of time it’s on the market and its sale price.”

Form and function

Natural light provides a simple way to enhance your home. Solatube offers a range of lighting fixtures and accessories to suit your home’s style and aesthetics, and further enhance your interiors. These include practical, elegant and dazzling decorative lighting fixtures, wall-mounted daylight dimmers, stylish add-on kits to keep your home bright long after nightfall, and ‘effect lenses’, which adjust the light and offer choices to soften or warm up the light colour.

A Solatube daylighting system is one of the easiest, quickest and most affordable ways to effectively bring the right amount of natural light into your home.