Consumers are opting for island benches, handle-less drawers, timber veneer, floating cabinets and multi-tasking ovens while increasingly rejecting hanging cupboards and overhanging bench tops according to Smeg Australia

Favoured finishes in modern kitchens include stone, timber veneer, stainless steel and glass. Profiles are clean, simple and easily maintained, hence the demise of drawer handles and the preference for drawers over bulky cupboards that tend to hide items somewhere at the back.

According to Smeg Australia, cooking trends are shifting towards the energy-efficient induction cooktops and compact ovens that combine several techniques or are a dedicated oven side by side with a multi function oven.

Smeg has released its Linear concept which is a collection of 60 and 70cm multifunction ovens, compact 45cm high combination ovens, dedicated steam oven, warming drawer and coffee machine.

The ovens have an almost futuristic ultra modern look with frameless Stopsol ‘supersilver’ glass and stainless steel fascia with illuminated controls.
Smart Chef technology used with the kitchen appliances is intuitive and sophisticated and takes much of the guess work out of obtaining the perfect result for any dish.

The new Thermoseal system is a totally sealed oven that ensures optimum heat distribution and retention of natural juices in meats and fish. It Thermoseal system also maximises energy efficiency with the absence of hot air vents to the outside, meaning oven temperatures are maintained.

Smeg has also released a collection of Linear gas and induction cooktops that are a metre in length, made from satin stainless steel and feature four ‘floating’ gas burners side by side. The 74cm ultra-low profile graphite glass cooktop with five gas burners and centrally positioned illuminated control knobs is also in the collection.

There are five models of induction cooktops including three and four cooking zone 60cm models, a four zone 77cm design, a beautiful metre wide model with four zones side by side and two versions of the innovative induction wok cooktop.

All Smeg kitchen appliances are available nationally from specialist appliance outlets, electrical retailers and some department stores.