Kitchen appliance design and technology company, Smeg Australia, has introduced the very latest technology in pyrolysis and induction – in one appliance. 

Recent industry figures show a clear 22 per cent increase in sales of pyrolytic ovens and a 20 per cent increase in induction cooktops over the past 12 months.

Smeg believes the trend has been prompted by increased awareness amongst Australian consumers of the time-saving and energy conservation benefits of induction plus the maintenance-free properties of pyrolysis.

Opera A1PYID-6 90cm freestanding upright induction cookers feature a five zone induction cooktop atop a 90 litre (gross) multifunction oven that features an integrated pyrolytic cleaning function. 

Manufactured from stainless steel, the sleek, classic style of the freestanding cooker means they will sit beautifully and stylishly in any kitchen.

The five zone induction cooktop offers fast and responsive cooking. Each cooking zone features:

  • Boost setting to ensure full heat in just a few seconds
  • Power function providing an initial surge of heat for up to ten minutes for heating large quantities of liquids very fast; and
  • Timer to ensure nothing is overcooked or burned
Additional features include the warming function where by the bottom of the pan is kept at a constant 65ºC for up to two hours to keep food warm without overcooking, and the ultra responsive heat control that enables chocolate to be melted without scorching. Additionally, two zones of the induction cooktop offer up to 3200W of power, ideal for cooking pasta and stir fries.

Safety features include a child lock and a residual heat light.

Opera upright cookers feature a 90 litre (gross) capacity oven that is ideal for those who love to cook and entertain, while the Thermoseal technology ensures a perfectly controlled oven cavity and truly effortless oven cleaning with the pyrolytic technology.

Cooking functions include fan-forced, bakers’ function, fan grill, fan-assisted and rotisserie. The Thermoseal technology maintains a constant and accurate temperature which helps to deliver superb cakes and crisp pastries as well as succulent roasts and fish that retain their natural moisture.

Opera A1PYID-6 freestanding upright cookers are easy to maintain, requiring just a simple wipe-over with a damp cloth. The oven is cleaned by simply selecting the Pyrolysis function that automatically locks the oven while the temperature soars to 475ºC to 500ºC for 90 minutes, burning all cooking residue in the process. 

After this process there will be residual dust on the floor of the oven that can be removed with a damp cloth.  For additional convenience, the quadruple-glazed oven door can also be removed for easy cleaning. The stainless steel is also finger-print resistant and there is a handy storage compartment at the base of the oven. 

Smeg Opera A1PYID-6 freestanding upright cookers carry the Class A European energy rating.