Smeg Australia  announces the new Linear SFPA140 multifunction oven that combines a ground-breaking cooking system with standout aesthetics.

Featuring a full colour touch screen LED display, Smeg’s new Linear SFPA140 multifunction oven is a stylish and advanced cooking system that advises the best temperature, shelf height and cooking time for 50 recipe types.

Design features include the signature sleek Stopsol silver glass and stainless steel styling, clear graphics and an instantly intuitive S-Logic interface.

The beautiful LED screen is the nerve-centre of the entire appliance with the touch control capability enabling the user to access pre-set recipes, temperatures, cooking functions, pyrolytic cleaning functions, power saving options and timing modes. Importantly, all recipes for meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, cakes and desserts are specific to Australian culinary tastes.

The S-Logic technology takes the worry and doubt out of cooking a meal, while more confident cooks can set the oven to their own preferences or over-ride any aspect of a pre-set menu.

According to Andrew Cronin, managing director of Smeg Australia, the Smeg brand is renowned for pioneering the latest technology but never at the expense of food taste and experience. Smeg balances technological innovation with its ability to generate a quantifiable improvement to user experience.

Further innovations of the SFPA140 are a larger oven capacity at a generous 79 litres gross, and Thermoseal technology whereby the oven interior is fully controlled via a Venturi humidity control system that ensures a perfectly controlled cooking environment, helping to retain natural juices and flavours in the food.

The SFPA140 also enables the user to programme ten personal recipes. Functions also include regular and eco pyrolytic self-cleaning process, food warming and dough proving functions, and a quadruple-glazed oven door to ensure its exterior is cool to the touch during all oven functions.

Cooking functions include low temperature options, perfect for slow cooking, rotisserie and eco baking. The new Linear SFPA140 multifunction oven is rated as exceeding the highest European A class energy rating by 20%, adding to its green credentials.

The SFPA140 is part of a range of five new Linear design ovens, each with varying specifications that offer a choice of pyrolytic and vapour clean cleaning systems and S-Logic functions.

The flagship Smeg SFPA140 oven is available nationally from department stores, electrical retailers and appliance specialists.