The award-winning retro small appliance collection from Smeg Australia now includes a new hand blender featuring stylish looks as well as practical functionality. The new hand blender in Smeg’s 50s style collection is the go-to appliance for mashing, pureeing, emulsifying, chopping, blending and whisking.

Designed by leading Milanese studio deepdesign, designers of Smeg’s award-winning collection of small appliances, the new handy kitchen tool features a powerful 700W motor, and comprises of the main blender, a 1.4L BPA-free Tritan beaker, a 0.5L chopper plus the potato masher and whisk attachments. Highly versatile in function and designed for easy cleaning, the hand blender is perfect for making soups, mashed vegetables, mayonnaise, dips, sauces and smoothies.

Key features of Smeg’s new retro hand blender include a top mounted adjustable speed control knob with on/off button and turbo control for easy operation; stainless steel blade with exclusive FlowBlend system; ingenious dome shape and size; whisk and mash attachments designed for simple insertion at the base of the ergonomically shaped body; BPA-free Tritan beaker with handle, lid and metric measurement markings; BPA-free Tritan 0.5L chopper container featuring a clever S-shaped blade for superior chopping action, even for hard vegetables; and non-slip base cover doubling up as the container’s lid for storing ingredients.

The efficient blender can be used directly in a saucepan, a bowl or jug or in the beaker provided.

Along with dips and pastes, the chopper can also be used to chop herbs, nuts, vegetables and fruit as well as complete recipe preparation tasks such as crushing biscuits and making breadcrumbs.

The stainless steel whisk is ideal for cream, egg whites, light batters and dressings. The colour coded plastic blades of the masher attachment deliberately operate at slow speed to ensure perfect creamy consistency for the mash.

Smeg’s hand blender is the recipient of the prestigious, internationally renowned Good Design Award 2017.