Engineered quartz’s inherent longevity and ease of maintenance make it a sustainable option for interior design, but concerns about the long-term health effects of crystalline silica exposure have caused some to reconsider whether working with the material is worth the risk. In response, leading manufacturers have created new low-silica formulations of engineered quartz that are as safe and durable as any alternative surfacing product on the market.

In A new era for quartz: Specifying low-silica surfaces for sustainable construction, we look at how a combination of industry action, education and the development of new low-silica formulations have made engineered quartz an even safer and more sustainable surface solution for modern interiors. We answer key questions on the top of minds of architects, designers and specifiers, namely: Is the new generation of engineered quartz sustainable? Is it harmful to human health? Is it safe for fabricators?

Thanks to the exclusive Smartstone NewGen formulation, Ibrido’s less than 28% silica content is one of the lowest available in Australia. This groundbreaking low-silica quartz formulation sets new industry standards in product responsibility, and its 56% recycled content highlights Smartstone’s dedication to environmental care.

Download this whitepaper to learn why you should not overlook low-silica quartz surfaces as a sustainable option for modern interiors.


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