Perth's multipurpose sporting stadium is a $1.6 billion facility that has been constructed primarily for Australian rules football and cricket, but is also used for major entertainment events and concerts.

This 65,000-seat structure is part of a major redevelopment of the Burswood precinct that also serves to link the area with the city proper. The design and construction takes into account the way the sporting public expects to experience in a modern venue. The quality of the amenities, eatery zones and seating areas is of the highest standard constructed in a sporting stadium.

The design has the seating plats and roofing cantilevered in such a way that there are no supporting structures at all to impede viewing from any seat in the stadium.

Sika was consulted by the designers, Hassell Group Perth Office for the floor finishes in many areas of the stadium as well as the jointing and grouting of supporting steel structures.

The head contractor, Multiplex Constructions engaged the experienced flooring contractor, Floorwise to install all floor finishes on the project.

Sika worked closely with the head contractor and Floorwise during the project to produce a quality installation in all areas.

The result is a stadium that is a new level in event experience for the patrons, and the floors serve to lift and enhance what are normally unremarkable finishes to reflect the level of aesthetics combined with durability expected of a 21st century sporting stadium.

Amenities areas

Sikafloor PB 52 UV trafficable elastic membrane floor - 2500m²

The requirement for this area was for a durable floor with high aesthetics that could also perform as a waterproofed floor.

PB 52 UV was used due its ability to be tough for high cycles of traffic and provide the waterproofing required.

Concourses and main thoroughfares

Sikafloor EB-14 system in all concourse walkways, access ways and open eateries - 19,000m².

Sikafloor EB-14 is a durable high build textured epoxy coating system. The floor was installed with a fine texture to conform to P3 Australian standard for public spaces.

Top Level 5 Skydeck

Level 5 roof deck to protect habitable spaces below.

PB 52 UV is tough, elastic and 100% UV stable, and textured to conform to public open spaces wet areas.

This system was selected for its proven history in critical area trafficable deck roof installations worldwide over 25 years. 33 Purcem was used on the skydeck to deliver an impervious, hardwearing, durable and UV stable finish.

Year completed: 2020

Sika products used

  • Sikafloor® PB 52 UBV
  • Sikafloor® EB-14