Sika was requested to attend a meeting onsite at Oban Road in Ringwood to investigate waterproofing and roofing options for the second storey traffic deck.

Due to the nature of the construction method, typical waterproofing and roofing methods could not be used for this application and Sika was set the task of providing a solution, which would meet the following requirements.

  • Fully trafficable for cars and light trucks
  • Waterproof
  • UV stable
  • Parapet wall and joint details were also required
  • Suitable for use over occupied spaces, as other factories are on the lower level
  • Slip resistant for vehicles and pedestrians

Sikafloor® Multiflex PB55 UV traffic deck system in combination with SikaDur® Combiflex waterproofing tapes for critical joints and parapet wall details was selected as the system of choice for this unique project.

Sikafloor® Multiflex PB55 UV is a multilayer, trafficable waterproofing and roofing membrane system, incorporating a fully elastic 1.5-2mm elastic membrane with a 2mm wearing and protection layer, then sealed with a UV stable topcoat for ultimate long term protection of the structure.

Sikafloor® Multiflex PB55 UV meets the performance requirements of AS 4654 and is also tested and approved to meet the strict and demanding requirements of the German OS standards system for protection of traffic decks. This is further supported by Sika’s accelerated parking abrasion testing method to simulate real world conditions for long term performance.

“The Sikafloor Multiflex PB55 UV flooring and waterproofing system in combination with the SikaDur Combiflex tapes was selected for the project as we had a level of comfort with the system supplier and applicator; the technical support and supplied testing made us confident in our selection to guarantee a watertight structure for this development,” said Adrian Rigo, project manager, Rigfield Property Developments.

Sika products used

  • Sikafloor® Multiflex PB55 UV traffic deck system
  • SikaDur® Combiflex waterproofing tapes

Project details

Address: Melbourne Micro Warehouses   

Project Size: Approx. 13000m²   

Client: Rigfield Property Developments    

Applicator: Able Floors   

Application: Rooftop traffic deck and waterproofing          

System: Sikafloor® Multiflex PB55 UV

Year completed: 2020

Project requirements

  1. Waterproofing and roofing over occupied spaces
  2. Fully trafficable
  3. UV stable
  4. High abrasion and mechanical wear properties
  5. High elastic waterproofing system
  6. Slip resistance to P5
  7. Meets compliance to class III membrane
  8. Fully bonded
  9. Compatible with Sika Combiflex waterproofing system