Signature Floors is meeting their sustainability goals through modern technologies and strategic partnerships with manufacturers across the world.

Signature Floorcoverings can quickly adapt to changing market and sustainability demands by partnering with the best factories from across the globe that meet their strict sustainability requirements. Rather than create their own in-house standards, Signature works with the current industry accredited bodies to improve the sustainability of their floorcoverings.

Accredited as Australia’s first Eco-Specifier Green Tag GreenRate certified carpet tile flooring product, Signature Floorconcepts’ FRIENDLY carpet tile collection sets the benchmark for environment-friendly commercial flooring with its Level A Rating. FRIENDLY carpet tiles come in a choice of 8 different patterns and over 50 colours with thermoplastic or ComfiBak backing systems.

Signature Floorconcepts now offers two excellent flooring products that contribute full points to Green Star focused projects. The FRIENDLY carpet tile and FLEXO rubber tile ranges are certified to this independent and rigorous environmental assessment.

Both FRIENDLY and FLEXO tile ranges achieve 100% of the points in the Green Star Materials Calculator, thus providing specifiers with the opportunity to achieve the maximum available points in their projects. While FLEXO rubber tiles contain up to 30% post-industrial recycled content, and are manufactured with fully assessed and safe constituents, FRIENDLY carpet tiles have also been assessed on material and constituent quality.

Both tile ranges are produced under ISO 14001 certified conditions where attention to material waste and energy efficiencies is closely controlled; and are assessed as a low VOC emission product, helping the user gain an additional 2 points in the Green Star IEQ category.

FLEXO rubber tiles are warranted for 12 years, providing a cost-efficient, design-friendly, high performance flooring in any Green Star project. FRIENDLY carpet tiles come with a 15-year warranty, offering even more peace of mind for your specification.

The green building trend has created a huge demand for eco-friendly materials with specifiers actively seeking sustainable products. Eco-Specifier Green Tag and GreenRate accreditation programs provide the industry with the assurance that accredited products have met the most stringent standards required for green building certification, and healthier living.

Signature’s Green Tag flooring ranges

FRIENDLY carpet tiles: Bouclé, Chakra, Earth, Genius, Kinetic, Tricot, Tundra and Tweed

Moduleo LVT planks: Impress, Inspire and Transform

FLEXO rubber tiles: Contours, Structures, Textures