Carpet tiles from Signature Floors in a selection of patterns, colours and shapes were chosen by the architects for the Narrawong Primary School in Victoria to create a dynamic learning environment as well as add an element of playfulness to the atmosphere. The learning centre includes spacious and attractive classrooms, a reading zone and a range of important support spaces for students and staff.

Appointed as project architects for the design of the Narrawong school based on their experience in education architecture and design, Foursight Architects used a selection of Signature carpet tiles to revamp the school.

A dynamic carpet pattern with different colours and shapes was used throughout the school to enhance the learning environment and add a playful vibe. Signature Strikeout carpet tiles were specified for spaces where a calming environment was needed due to the carpet’s subtle linear pattern.

Designing for educational environments can be challenging because the spaces not only need to be adaptable but also be able to evoke emotion, passion and inspiration among students and teachers. Colour enhances memory and performance, generating a positive response towards learning.

The range of colours and patterns in Signature SHAPES carpet tiles allowed Foursight to create a unique and impactful space.

Why Signature Floorconcepts:

Foursight Architects chose Signature Floors because of their in­novative and broad collection of carpet tiles, colours, textures and patterns. The SHAPES app also helped Foursight discover and develop different designs in a short amount of time.

Client feedback:

The great product range and the SHAPES app created a smooth process in selecting products for the project.

Photographers: Kristian Gehradte and Merlyn Reuter