A brand new technologically advanced fire protection system from Siemens Building Technologies was installed at the InterContinental Hotel in Sydney, Australia to replace the existing outdated system.

Dating back to 1851, the hotel was beautifully restored; however, the old fire protection system gave false alarms and needed to be replaced.

InterContinental Sydney sought a fire protection system that could reliably detect real fires, and was also immune to false alarms to a very high degree. The existing cabling additionally needed to be incorporated into the new system to minimise costs, impact to guests, and interruption to the operation of the hotel.

The Cerberus PRO fire protection system with its unique ASA technology proved to be the right choice for InterContinental Sydney. The system features 600 ASA neural fire detectors installed throughout the hotel, and comprises of a wide range of different detectors and manual call points, all adapted to the specific needs of each area in the hotel. It was also possible to incorporate the entire 20-year-old cabling system as required.

A danger management station from Siemens was installed to provide the operators easy control of the detection system.

The modernisation was completed quickly without causing any disturbance to the guests as no cabling work was involved. All rooms could continue to be occupied during the entire system modernisation.