Siemens has launched a new benchmark building control centre designed to integrate all building systems under one umbrella.

Executive General Manager Building Technologies Stefan Schwab explains that Desigo CC is a comprehensive platform that allows customers to integrate all of their building systems from heating, ventilation and air conditioning to fire safety, security, power, lighting and shading. Desigo CC is highly scalable and can be used in individual commercial buildings as well as in multi-site properties.

According to Schwab, buildings account for 40 per cent of global energy consumption with operating costs consuming 80 per cent of total building costs. Desigo CC meets the needs of managers, investors, operators and facility managers by providing relevant information to handle all aspects of properties and building portfolios for more efficient management.

An open platform based on standard protocols, Desigo CC was developed by Siemens from the ground up using input from operators around the world to provide a state-of-the art, holistic and intuitive platform for improving building performance. The solution can be easily adapted to the requirements of the building operator. Incorporating Desigo CC as early as possible in the design phase allows developers to maximise the benefits of this powerful management system.

Schwab says the interdisciplinary approach allows Desigo CC to display the status of different systems in real time, exploit synergies and reduce costs, both during installation and when training employees who only have to be trained to work with one system. Additional systems can also be added to the control centre as needed after the initial installation, making it completely future-proof.

Key features of Desigo CC building control centre include support for a wide range of standard protocols such as BACnet, OPC and a variety of IT standards; integration of third-party products allowed; ability for customers to set up schedules, trend reports and alerts dynamically during normal operation; and intelligent navigation concept directing users through the required tasks and only displaying the information required.

Providing experienced users with extensive and new capabilities for building management, the Desigo CC building control centre is also very intuitive in operation. The interface can be configured to ensure users are only able to view information and access functions in line with their role and responsibilities. Desigo CC includes a powerful application for creating reports that could be used for a wide range of analyses.

Schwab says the data from different sources can be displayed in aggregated or consolidated formats, and an application for historical analysis enables users to identify and visualise trends in building performance by comparing current readings with data from legacy systems. Manual evaluations are also supported, such as automated reports based on schedules or defined events, and graphics generated in real time that show the current status of different building parameters.

Desigo CC and its associated services are part of Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio.