Very rarely does a hall, classroom, function room or outdoor pavilion offer perfect proportions for a safe and aesthetically attractive stage system to fit with ease into the space.

Shape your stage to fit your space

The design team at Select Staging Concepts provides a simple and effective stage solution to account for small spaces, odd shaped spaces or even multi-level spaces.

Select Staging Concepts’ Made In Australia stage systems are designed and manufactured at their Melbourne factory, allowing them to offer a unique customisation service so that every stage can fit any event space at no extra cost.

There are four principal design features, which need to be taken into consideration when preparing for a custom built stage solution: Placement, Sizing, Shapes and Finishes.


Is the stage required to go indoors or out? Is the surface or terrain multi-level or uneven? Will the stage be permanent or portable?


What will the podium be used for? How many people are likely to be on the stage at the same time? Can the stage start as one size and incrementally be made bigger as required? Does the stage need to be multi-level?


Is the location for the stage oddly proportioned? Does the stage need curved sides? Are catwalks required? Will the standard rectangular podiums work?


Does the podium require a marine grade carpet finish for exterior use or acoustic noise control? Does the podium need an anti-slip surface? What colour timber or carpet podium surface is preferred? Does the podium require safety features such as access ramps, stairs, handrails or chair border rails? Do the stage podiums require height adjustable or permanent legs?

The Select Staging Concepts sales team listens to every customer’s unique requirements and using all the design elements of Placement, Sizing, Shapes and Finishes, creates the right Made In Australia stage system that fits the space in every way.