Australian Made products deliver a broad range of products to any project. So why is there a misconception about Australian Made items costing too much?

While it’s true labour in Australia costs more than what some overseas labour teams are paid, but when you consider the lifespan and inferior quality of some imported products, it is blatantly obvious the repair and/or replacement frequency and costs of the imported items are not cost effective.

It is time to break the myth that Australian Made products cost too much.

Australian Made certified companies offer a positive list of reasons why customers should purchase from them: they endeavour to provide products of only the best quality; they offer enforceable warranties; continuity of design is a valuable asset; custom design and manufacture is a major advantage; on the ground customer service to provide solutions creates lasting customer loyalty; promptness of fulfilling client needs is so much easier than waiting for deliveries; and most importantly, Australian Made companies provide products made to Australian Standards for quality and safety.

In today's COVID-fraught world economy, the long term cost of relying on cheap imports is not a benefit Australia needs.

For your next purchase, do your homework, and ask your local Made In Australia certified company for the right solution – you will break the myth once and for all.