Seima introduces a stunning new range of double bowl sinks designed to prevent messy splashing when washing up in the kitchen.

The new Blade series kitchen sinks feature double bowls that are so close together that the running tap can be moved from bowl to bowl without splashing. The simple installation only requires a single stone cut-out, leaving the rest of the kitchen benchtop intact.

Traditional double bowl sinks typically leave a 30-40mm ‘bridge’ between the bowls, leading to splashing when the running tap is moved from one bowl to the other. The bridge is wide enough to cause splashing but too narrow to cover with stone. To cover the bridge with a stone top, the width of the bridge is further increased to 60-80mm, making it unattractive while also driving up material and labour costs.

Seima returned to the drawing board to resolve the problems experienced by users of conventional double bowl sinks. Having decided to join the two bowls together and completely remove the thick bridge, the Seima team next focused on turning this idea into reality by ensuring strict attention to detail during handcrafting, tighter manufacturing tolerances and even higher precision welding.

The Blade was the result with the new kitchen sinks featuring two large bowls and a barely visible 2mm divider. The SKS-T1150, SKS-T750 and SKS-KU726 models are stunning in appearance, and designed to simplify installation.

Key features of Blade kitchen sinks include minimalist lines complementing the kitchen benchtop; no-splash design with a streamlined aesthetic eliminating mess in the kitchen; and choice of brushed satin and silk finish along the rim.

Although the Blade was originally intended to be an undermount sink, Seima has finished the Tetra rim with a brushed satin finish and the Kubic rim with a silk finish, allowing them to be installed in an abovemount position. The stainless steel rim sits on top of the benchtop, protecting the benchtop edge from being chipped by pots and pans.

Seima’s Blade series kitchen sink was a finalist in the 2016 HIA-CSR Industry Innovation Awards. The Blade series is protected by the Designs Act 2003, administered by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – under Registered Design no. 364872.