Concept Click from Woodform Architectural is a highly versatile architectural lining system that can be easily and flexibly installed in a wide range of applications. Consisting of a system of pre-mounted spring steel fixing clips, Concept Click securely fastens specially profiled battens with a simple click action.

First made available to the industry for timber battens, the modular flexibility of Concept Click quickly made it the leading lining system in the market. Woodform Architectural has now extended the Concept Click solution to meet project-specific challenges posed by designers in aluminium batten screening designs.

Adjustable batten spacing

Concept Click gives architects the design flexibility to create their own signature work. Architects have the freedom to specify the desired spacing between aluminium battens, with Woodform using precision-programmed machinery capable of exact or differential spacing in a sequence of up to 40 battens long to deliver the made-to-order job.

Variety of colours and finishes

Woodform can supply the aluminium linings with a timber-like aesthetic. Alternatively, architects can opt for an anodised finish for a translucent metallic effect or a powder-coated finish for a smoother, more consistent appearance. Powder-coated finishes are available in a huge range of colours in matt, satin, and gloss effects from major coating suppliers such as Dulux and Interpon.

Mix and match sizes

A variety of effects can be achieved with Concept Click by using different combinations of batten sizes and specifying sequences of up to 40-battens wide. Seven cross-sectional sizes are available to achieve a wide assortment of linear textures.

Mix and match materials

The flexibility of Concept Click extends to mixing and matching aluminium and timber batten profiles in varying sequences, allowing architects to explore their boundless design potential. Both aluminium and timber battens using Concept Click’s specially designed flexible track, can be bent to fabricate eye-catching curves.