There was a time when custom-building was required to meet the need for unique timber batten designs. According to Woodform Architectural, the market today offers prefabricated battens in shapes that go beyond traditional square and rectangular profiles. These new batten shapes are expanding the possibilities of ceiling and wall design.

Some of the newer batten shapes include the convex ‘Dome’ and the concave ‘Flute’ that allow designers to line surfaces with more sophistication instead of the usual right-angled protrusions. These new shapes project smoothly undulating patterns, which are not possible with the boxlike profiles of previously available battens.

Designers are also intrigued by the creative possibilities available with the new timber batten shapes including the ability to incorporate the same basic shape into a single sequence but alternated in varying dimensions. ‘Peak’ timber battens, for instance, already distinguish themselves with their interesting trapezium-like angles.

An entirely new perception of depth can be achieved by arranging Peak timber battens in the following order within a sequence: 32x60 mm, 32x32 mm, 32x32 mm, and 32x42 mm. The image above shows how the width and height of a particular batten shape can be modified and then assembled in creative sequences to give life to a unique wall and ceiling geometry.