The brand new line of silent BBQ Alfresco rangehoods from Schweigen is designed to elevate the outdoor entertaining and dining experience for homeowners.

Get rid of airborne grease, smoke, odours and rangehood noise with Schweigen’s energy-efficient models featuring the patented German-engineered Isodrive motor systems mounted on the roof or wall for powerful yet silent extraction where you cook.

Your guests can finally breathe easy and enjoy conversation without having to shout over a rangehood. Homeowners too, need not worry about airborne grease sticking to clothes, furniture, or surfaces in their outdoor patios, ruining their investments over time.

The new Schweigen IN. silent BBQ Alfresco rangehoods are available in 1200-1500mm sizes, and in sleek undermount or grand wallmount canopies. Featuring clean modern lines, the rangehoods are constructed with high-grade 304 stainless steel to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

The CLUM12S, CL8812S and CL8815S rangehoods feature powerful silent extraction, remote and touch-sensitive controls, 4 extraction speeds, auto shut-off timers, LED lighting and motor options (3000-3200 m3/hr airflow) to suit any home and cooking style.

For long-lasting peace of mind, Schweigen’s alfresco rangehoods come with a 10-year motor warranty, 3-year canopy warranty and lifetime warranties on dishwasher-safe baffles and GU10 LED globes.