If you are considering renovating your bathroom or creating a new bathroom space, here are 6 bathroom design trends to keep in mind. These bathroom design trends not only keep up with the latest style influences, but also make the best use of your available space. 

1. Large space

Gone are the days when a bathroom was only meant for doing your business. Bathrooms are no longer tiny shoeboxes where you just maintain your hygiene. Over the years, bathrooms have been growing and their spaces have been reinvented alongside their changing uses. Today, bathrooms are a space where you go for relaxation for both body and mind.

To accomplish this, your bathroom needs to be spacious and beautiful to help you feel comfortable and refreshed. If you have a small bathroom, you can expand by taking up another room or space such as an unused wardrobe. You can also shift your bathroom to a larger room altogether. 

Another option is to give an illusion of a large open space. You can do this by using big tiles on the floor. This will make the room look spacious and since there will be less joints, the large tiles will help to reduce dust and dirt.

2. Multiple, yet functional storage

It’s important to optimise storage if you have a relatively small space available. Create a number of sections in drawers, cabinets and shelves. Keep these spaces hidden to make the bathroom look bigger. Place furniture with simple and clean designs, for instance, self-supporting vanities – the ones without the legs. Lastly, keep decorations to a minimum, as this will help to keep the room clutter-free as well as make the space feel larger than it is. 

3. Ceramics, marble and even porcelain 

These materials are a perfect fit for every bathroom. This year will see a lot of use of ceramics and marble in showers and floors. Since these materials have always been popular, there are new ways and designs to install them to make them look and feel different. For instance, you can use them with unique geometric shapes in uniform, tone on tone, multi-coloured or tessellated designs. 

When you browse the ceramics market, don’t be surprised to see ceramics that emulate luxurious materials such as wood and marble. You can even find one that replicates concrete. However, if you want more original materials, then natural stones such as quartz and marble are great choices. 

4. Practical showers

There are various new and trendy shower options coming your way. Take your pick from the practical shower designs available. Open showers that are multifunctional and equipped with a bench, a steamer, linear drain and even an ambient mirror or an anti-fog mirror are increasingly popular. 

If you are truly going for practicality, try the Italian shower with its minimalist design and transparent glass walls. It saves space, is easy to maintain and complements various decors. As for the storage space, you can either create crevices or add shelves to hold your bathroom necessities.

5. Baths for relaxation 

After being out of the spotlight for years, baths are making a comeback! Stressed out? Get in the bath and feel the stress leaving your body. Showers tend to be quick, while a bath can be an hour-long relaxation session with scented candles. Getting into a bath is like therapy, which is probably why beautiful and comfortable bath designs are receiving so much love from homeowners and will continue to do so. 

The bath is no longer a tiny tub but a spacious relaxing place to rejuvenate your body and mind. Whether it’s the freestanding bathtub or the island bath, you can make them sophisticated and stylish. Baths are available in an amazing range of shapes: Choose from square, oval, round, asymmetrical or rectangular and help bring out the Zen in your bathroom. 

6. Keeping up with tech

Since technology has entered every aspect of our lives, we are surrounded by it in various forms. So why should our bathrooms be any different? New bathroom renovations are seeing an increase in mirrors with LED lighting, motion detectors or temperature regulators, customisable touch screens with mirrors and more. 

Today, bathrooms are all about customisation. An increasing number of homeowners are opting for a more eco-friendly bathroom tech solution, which helps to keep the utility bills down while saving the planet. From lighting to water usage, nothing is left untouched. Even the towel dryers are coming in compact designs and replacing radiators, again saving valuable space. You can also select an eco-friendly toilet when renovating. The Sanicompact was awarded a 6-star WELS water efficiency rating, making it one of the most water-efficient toilets on the market!