IXL Home presents the sleek Tastic Neo three-in-one unit that raises the bar in bathroom ventilation solutions with the incorporation of energy-efficient LED downlights.

All Tastic Neo units will now be supplied with 3 x 7w LED lights as the new standard. Owners of existing Tastic Neo units can retrofit the LEDs in place of CFL bulbs.

The IXL Tastic Neo is an advanced bathroom extraction appliance designed to effortlessly provide fresh clean air, even heat distribution, beautiful illumination and maximum comfort.

Featuring a flush-mounted metal and glass construction in an unobtrusive linear form and contemporary white or silver finish, the IXL Tastic Neo combines an elegant bathroom aesthetic with exceptional performance. Key features include the Ventair In-line Exhaust, an in-line blower with powerful extraction capacity that expels humid air and steam; Tungsten halogen Halo heat lamps for optimal comfort; and three LED downlights gimbal mounted and easily adjusted to allow light to be targeted to different parts of the bathroom.

10 advantages of IXL Tastic Neo LED lights

Purpose built 

The IXL Tastic Neo energy-saving LED globe has been specifically developed to fit the Tastic Neo.

Water tight 

The Tastic Neo LED is fully sealed for use in bathrooms, preventing entry of moisture from steam that can damage lamp electronics. 

Ultra efficient 

LEDs use 30-50% less energy than a comparable CFL and 80-90% less energy than a comparable halogen light.

Long lasting 

Tastic Neo’s LED globe is expected to last 25,000-30,000 hours, appealing to homeowners who appreciate a low maintenance lifestyle. 

Cost effective 

Lower energy consumption and a long lifespan globe save dollars.

Environmentally considerate 

The LEDs are fully recyclable.


The LEDs are mercury-free.

Instant light 

The LEDs provide full brightness at the click of a button without the flickering light or warm up period associated with CFLs and halogens. 

Surge resistant 

Unlike CFLs, LEDs are not affected by power surges, which can occur when lights are turned on and off repeatedly.

UV free 

LEDs have no UV output.

Tastic Neo LED lights are available from leading hardware, lighting and electrical retailers nationally.