Leading kitchen appliances brand, Neff captures the passion for creativity in the kitchen with a range that combines seamless design coordination with a clean-lined modular aesthetic. 

Comprising of cooktops, ovens, warming drawers and rangehoods, the Neff range has been designed for users to select, mix and match any appliance to achieve a kitchen that’s tailored to their individual preferences. Each appliance features a raft of amazing and thoughtful ideas and new technologies designed to make cooking easy and enjoyable.

Neff’s kitchen appliance range encompasses a FlexInduction cooktop for speed, reliability and flexibility in the kitchen space; the Slide & Hide oven plus VarioSteam that makes cooking convenient and easy with a hide-away door and innovative cooking capabilities; the CircoSteam oven that revolutionises cooking capabilities using hot air cooking and steaming; the newest warming drawer, which is indispensible for preparing and serving home cooked meals; and the latest Rangehood model, the perfect match to the Neff oven.

T54T97N2 FlexInduction cooktop

Neff’s T54T97N2 FlexInduction cooktops combine speed, reliability and maximum flexibility with new optimised features including a new design and extended Flexzones (flexible cooking zones).

Neff’s FlexInduction offers flexibility with the selection, number and arrangement of pans on the cooktop, improving the way space can be used while cleverly accommodating pots and pans up to 24cm in diameter. The design in essence, allows larger items to be heated up on the compact cooktop.

The smart induction technology automatically recognises the size and position of the pan and applies heat at this very point – so everything can be moved about the cooktop with ease.

B45C44N3AU Slide & Hide plus VarioSteam oven

A new addition to the Neff range, Neff’s Slide & Hide system combines the award-winning functionality of Slide & Hide plus the VarioSteam option, which adds moisture to optimise baking and cook to perfection. Neff’s Slide & Hide system literally means that an oven door can be opened and seamlessly tucked away into an integrated compartment underneath the oven.

Ergonomic and easy to use thanks to the unique Neff Slide handle that rotates in the hand, the Slide & Hide is a feature that makes cooking easier, safer and pleasurable.

The VarioSteam feature allows moisture to be injected as steam into the oven cavity at various intervals and intensities during the operation, enabling the oven to roast and bake goods with the ideal amount of moisture.

C47C62N3GB CircoSteam Oven

Neff's C47C62N3GB CircoSteam oven is the perfect complement to any modern kitchen, combining the advantages of hot air cooking and steaming to produce exceptional results. The CircoSteam oven is ideal for preparing all sorts of foods such as bread, meat and fish, keeping them beautifully moist on the inside, but satisfyingly crispy on the outside. 

N21H40N3GB Warming Drawer

Offered in two height options of 14cm and 29cm, Neff’s fully extendable warming drawer is a handy all-rounder, seamlessly integrating into the kitchen space, and gently heating up to 12 place settings ahead of serving food. The warming drawer can also be utilised to keep precooked food warm, defrost delicate foods, melt chocolate, make yoghurt or prove dough. Smooth telescopic runners ensure this multi-purpose appliance is easy to use.

D79M66N5 Wall Mounted Rangehood

Neff’s D79M66N5 Rangehood features a matching bevelled glass fascia panel for a seamless look and feel. An intensive setting boosts the extraction rate to keep the kitchen space ventilated and fresh while a recirculation option sucks stale air through a grease filter followed by a charcoal filter for purification, and pumps it back into the kitchen via an opening in the hood. Making cooking easier and more pleasurable, the D79M66N5 Rangehood also features Neff’s Softlight with dimmer function.

Neff is imported, distributed and supported by IXL Home in Australia.