Bathroom heating, exhaust and lighting solutions specialist IXL Appliances has launched their Eco Tastic and Easy Duct Tastic ventilation products featuring efficient LED globes that not only save energy but also increase economic and environmental returns for the user.

Renowned for their commitment to engineering excellence and high-quality manufacturing, the Geelong-based company has sustainability at the core of their operations with the latest range of products integrating energy-efficient LED lighting.

The Eco Tastic range is recommended for new homes with a 5-star energy rating or homes that exhaust into a roof cavity and need to reduce energy consumption. Similarly, IXL’s Easy Duct Tastic range is an ideal solution for 5-star energy efficient homes that require a ducted application as these products vent outside the home via a specially designed ducting system and are fully sealed.

IXL’s LED globes integrated with Tastic ventilation products are highly energy efficient, using 20% less energy than a comparable CFL and 80-90% less energy than a comparable halogen light. The globes also have a longer lifespan of at least 25,000 hours, eliminating the hassle of having to change them frequently while ensuring more value for money and better return on investment.

Key benefits of the IXL LED globes include mercury-free LEDs with no UV output; fully recyclable; ability to provide instant brightness at the click of a button without any flickering light or warm-up wait associated with CFLs and halogens; and zero impact from potential power surge that can occur when CFL lights are turned on and off repeatedly.

IXL’s LED globes are specifically developed to fit Tastic Eco and Tastic Easy Duct models with perfect sealing against moisture, making them ideal for bathrooms.