IXL Home introduces the new Gaggenau Vario cooktops that combine professional-standard technology with great design.

The Gaggenau Vario 400 series is the latest development in the Vario cooktops series first launched four decades ago. Featuring widths from 38cm to 90cm, these appliances can be freely combined and snugly fitted side-by-side thanks to precision crafting of the 3mm stainless steel. 

The Gaggenau Vario series features highly specialised appliances offering various cooking methods that can be individually combined according to taste and cooking habits. Users can choose between induction cooktops in 38cm, 60cm or 80cm widths, gas cooktops in 38cm widths, and specialised appliances such as steamer, Teppanyaki, electric grill or deep fryer along with matching ventilation elements. 

Strikingly embossed covers available as special accessories, round off the elegant design of the cooktops. The front-mounted controls in solid stainless steel underscore the iconic design language.

The full surface induction cooktop CX 480 and recessed table ventilation AL 400 can also be combined with the appliances in the series.

Vario induction cooktops 400 series

All the benefits of induction cooking are offered by two 38cm wide cooktops and a 60cm wide cooktop. The booster function ensures intense searing and particularly swift heating of large quantities of liquid by briefly increasing the power of the relevant cooking zone by around 50 per cent. 

Model VI 414 is suitable for conventional cookware with a diameter of up to 28cm as well as a wok ring and wok pan used in Asian cuisine. Model VI 424 with two cooking zones takes standard pots and pans while Model VI 461 delivers maximum flexibility for the use of different-sized cookware with a 60cm induction cooktop and three cooking zones from 15cm to 28cm.

Vario gas cooktops 400 series

Gaggenau’s two 38cm wide gas cooktops in the Vario 400 series are inspired by professional kitchens where swift precision temperature control achieves perfect results.

All gas cooktops in the series offer top safety standards and easy regulation, as do the two 38cm gas cooktops VG 414 and VG 424 that are equipped with one large wok burner or two burners. All appliances are fitted with brass burners for continuous top performance over many years.

Vario special appliances 400 series

Special appliances such as the Teppanyaki, steamer, electric grill and deep fryer in the 400 series facilitate a wide range of cooking methods. 

Teppanyaki VP 414 allows vegetables, meat or fish to be gently cooked directly on the hard-chromed metal surface. The steamer VK 414 with its exact regulation of water temperature from 45°C to 95°C offers genuine steam preparation in cooktop format, not to mention a host of other options such as blanching, juicing, cooking or regenerating. 

The electric grill VR 414 is equipped with a large-surface cast grid for grilling with lava stones guaranteeing uniformly intensive heat boosts and perfectly grilled results. The deep fryer VF 414 with three-zone insert permits deep-frying without cross contamination of flavours. 

Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series

Designed to extract vapours and odours quietly and effectively directly at their source in downdraft mode, the VL 414 can be flexibly combined with the Vario cooktops 400 series models. Up to four ventilation elements can be combined with a remote fan unit. The individual ventilation elements are opened or closed manually as required, ensuring highly efficient extraction directly at the source. 

Downdraft ventilation is recommended for open-plan kitchens and island layouts.