Danish locksmith Jesper Jørgensen has installed SALTO access control on more than 10,000 doors since he started his career in 2007. Working for Danish SALTO installer, Bagger Låse & Alarm, he is perhaps the most experienced SALTO installer in Denmark. 

“I don’t think that there are any other locksmiths in Denmark who have installed more SALTO units than me. And I never get tired of it, because even though it has turned out to be many hundreds of locking systems a year, I fortunately only meet satisfied customers,” Jørgensen said.

Suitable for most buildings, SALTO access control systems are also easy to use and an excellent security solution for various environments, he added.

A great system for almost any building

”SALTO is a great access control system for companies, housing associations, schools, nursing homes and other places where you want to keep track of who has access to both inside and outside doors,” Jørgensen noted.

Ease of use

SALTO is the most popular access control system for many installers and customers in Denmark, and there are several good reasons for this, according to Jørgensen. 

“First and foremost, SALTO is extremely user-friendly. It is incredibly easy to control who should have access and when the doors should be open or locked. It simply works very well.”

Reasonably priced security

SALTO is also very easy to install. The SALTO offline SVN escutcheons can be mounted on existing doors, and there is no need for hardwiring or connecting the doors through a complicated wiring system.

“With SALTO access control, I therefore find that it is possible to secure buildings at a reasonable price compared to other locking systems,” Jørgensen said.

Jesper Jorgensen installing SALTO

Rising demand for access control

Denmark is seeing a clear rise in the demand for automatic locking systems. 

“The demand has been steadily increasing since I first started installing SALTO units in 2007. I have installed access control on many doors and buildings, but now I also see an increase in customers wanting to secure, e.g., wardrobes, mailboxes or medicine cabinets, and SALTO also offers many simple and user-friendly solutions for that,” Jørgensen said.

SALTO is used as an access control system within many companies, housing associations, schools, hotels, colleges, hospitals and other public buildings. During the last year, around 35,000 SALTO units were installed in Denmark.

Danish SALTO distributor Sanistål listed out several advantages of SALTO access control:

  • User-friendly software for handling key tags or key cards 
  • Quick overview of key tags and associated access rights 
  • Can be installed on existing doors 
  • Easy to remove lost key tags
  • Easy to create new key tags 
  • Key card can be used for payment in canteens or similar establishments