Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows were installed in the new sports centre at William Clarke College in Kellyville, NSW to maximise natural ventilation.

Though louvre windows were specified to achieve the desired cross ventilation for the building, the architect wanted a product that could also meet a few more design objectives.

For instance, the architect sought maximum louvre span to enable effective ventilation. Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows met this specification as they offered the widest louvre window available to the Australian market. Quality, robustness and aesthetics were the other requirements and Safetyline Jalousie fit the bill perfectly by demonstrating all these attributes.

The architect was also impressed with the inbuilt security in all Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows, and the automation system that integrated well with building management systems (BMS). Since the Sports Centre was fully automated and had a keyless entry system, Safetyline Jalousie’s automation system was seamlessly integrated with the overall BMS.