An honorary fellowship of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) was conferred on Thompson Penney, president of the American Institute of Architects during the RAIA’s national conference in May.

“The RAIA is very pleased to confer this honour,” says RAIA president David Parken. “It is a most appropriate recognition of Thompson Penney who, during his presidency of the AIA, has set out to focus the community on the store of knowledge and expertise which the architectural profession delivers in designing the built environment.”

Parken noted that in his role as president of the AIA, Penney leads some 60,000 architects working in a highly competitive environment, with diverse and challenging physical conditions ranging from the sub-tropical to regions covered in snow for most of the winter.

Parken says Penney’s platform was clearly reflected at the recent AIA convention,.which the Australian RAIA president attended in San Diego. “The theme of the AIA convention focussed on the challenge facing the architectural profession to make out a positive and compelling case to the community about the importance of good design.

“This case can be demonstrated persuasively by highlighting the positive difference good design makes in all facets of our daily lives: from the learning environment for children, the healing environment for the sick and aged, to the workplace environment.”

Source: Building Products News.