Rockcote Enterprises presents Antica Signoria, a range of liquid tints suitable for tinting ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster. These tints can be added to ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster to get the desired colour.

The high quality, water based tints in the Antica Signoria range are colour fast and alkali resistant, and offer total dispersion in the plaster material, unlike powdered pigments, which are more likely to produce oxide bursts.

It’s important to mix the Venetian Plaster immediately before application.

This guide is based on achieving the sought after colour for a 4L or 15L pail of ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster.

Equipment required:

20-25ml syringe (available from any chemist)

4L or 15L pail of ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster

1 x mixing paddle

1 x drill

Antica Signoria tint

Refer to the Antica Signoria colour range for colour selection.

Tint process

Step 1: Measure out the correct amount of tint using the syringe.

Step 2: Add the tint to the Venetian Plaster.

Step 3: Mix the product until the tint has blended completely through the Venetian Plaster.