Products from Rockcote Enterprises come with the assurance that they can stand up to harsh Australian conditions and provide long-term quality to customers.

Recently, Rockcote sent samples of their flexible acrylic based coating, Sandcote HydroGuard to get Accelerated Weather Tested, also known as Exposure Testing. The test involves exposing the sample to condensation and ultraviolet for extended periods to determine if any colour fading of the product would occur over time.

The Rockcote Research/Re-seek and Development team applied Sandcote HydroGuard to samples. Retaining two versions in the lab as a control sample, they sent the other sample to be Accelerated Weather Tested.

The most popular tint, Lamp Black (B) was picked for the Sandcote HydroGuard samples with the maximum load also chosen for this tint. The product sample was exposed to the equivalent of 1510.4 hours (more than 62 days) of constant daylight for ultraviolet testing, and 732.3 hours (30.5 days) of constant rain for condensation testing. 

The harsh conditions of the exposure testing are designed to highlight any potential degradation in colour or integrity of the coating – the Sandcote HydroGuard samples excelled in these tests.

Rockcote takes pride in the quality of their products, and consistently works on testing and improving their products to ensure they retain their high performance quality. One of Rockcote’s best-selling products from their Coloured Render range, Sandcote HydroGuard remains colour fast for extended periods of time as has been proven through the Exposure Testing.

Warranties of up to 15 years are available for Sandcote HydroGuard when used as part of a full Rockcote System.