Clay brick tiles from Robertson's Building Products Pty Ltd were used to mimic a heritage facade on a new development in Richmond, Victoria designed by Armsby Architects.

The local Council had insisted on the new walls mimicking the heritage facade on three sides of the Richmond Icon Apartments. The location in a laneway created logistic issues and speed of construction became a vital consideration.

Creating these unique brick elements quickly and efficiently could only be achieved by allowing the concrete precast panels to carry the load and provide the genuine clay brick facades required on the site.

The unique arched brick bond pattern was easily created thanks to the custom gasket liner. The entire project was designed and planned thoroughly, well before any brick tiles were laid. Using the gasket liner process also guaranteed that each panel would be identical, eliminating any issues with alignment of the brick bond.

Since access to the narrow laneway was always going to be a problem, a quick and easy panel erection schedule was planned to ensure minimum interference to traffic flow.

Pressed red brick tiles from Robertson's Building Products were selected for the brick inlay work.