One of the most widely used tiles in homes, ‘ceramic tile’ is an umbrella term used for a range of tiles made out of ceramic materials such as earthenware or porcelain.

RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics describes ceramic tiles as a class of tiles made from ceramic material, which could be any combination of a mix of clays, sand and other natural products. Ceramic tiles go through a production process wherein they are heated up, combined and moulded into shape.

Ceramic tiles are typically available in two styles - glazed or unglazed; unglazed tiles are more porous than glazed tiles.

Ceramic tiles are very popular in tile applications due to their multiple strengths. Highly adaptable, ceramic tiles can easily be used as floor tiles and wall tiles at busy locations or even low key places, with their styles fitting any setting.

Ceramic tiles are highly resistant to abrasion and can withstand busy foot traffic, making them ideal for tough commercial applications. Ceramic is a highly durable material with any ceramic surface known to have a longer life compared to other materials. Ceramic tiles are also fireproof.

Easy to maintain, ceramic tiles can be easily cleaned and cared for by simply wiping or mopping off the surface. Regular maintenance involves simple sweeping or vacuuming.

Extremely versatile in application, ceramic tiles can be used just about anywhere in indoor or outdoor environments on walls and flooring to even benchtops.