A unique membrane system was developed by Rhino Linings and High Impact Technologies (HIT) to protect fuel tankers against leakage caused by small arms fire in conflict situations. The urgent request from the US military sought to prevent and/or minimise fuel leakage in fuel tankers due to small arms fire from insurgents.

Based on technology developed by Rhino Linings and HIT, the self-sealing/ self-healing external fuel tanker membrane system, BattleJacket uses a spray polyurethane elastomer and proprietary additive that combine to expand and seal the undesired holes from ballistic penetration permanently. A specialised application process was also developed to allow the US military to apply the system to fuel tankers in the field and in theatre.

Key objectives of the mission included preventing and/or minimising fuel leakage of fuel tankers due to small arms fire; and eliminating fuel leakage that could result in hazardous situations such as fire, explosion and death.

The BattleJacket Fuel Containment System (FCS) coating is based on a specially formulated fire resistant urethane; the US military designation for this spray coating technology is called Fuel Tank Self-Sealing (FTSS).

During the spray process, a proprietary additive is embedded into the formula, which is activated when exposed to fuel. This additive acts in conjunction with the urethane to tightly seal off the undesired entrance and exit holes created by a projectile.


  • A specialised process was developed requiring a closed-in spray booth with unique equipment to apply the additive
  • A mobile spray application facility was developed to take the process to any location
  • Specific thicknesses of the coating were developed for various tank geometries, tank substrates and ballistic threats

Key attributes:

  • Prevents fuel loss caused by IEDs, mines and small arms fire
  • Field repair patch kit available for larger puncture areas
  • Provides vibration and acoustic damping
  • Delivers thermal insulation
  • Adds structural integrity
  • Applicable to both metal and plastic surfaces
  • Provides superior corrosion and abrasion protection
  • Tenacious adhesion for long-term service
  • Available in various colours
  • Self-sealing polymer

The future

The BattleJacket – Fuel Containment System is the appropriate technology to introduce to any vulnerable vehicle, train or ship-based fuel tank. This technology is applicable to storage tanks, pipelines and other fuel structures worldwide.

The BattleJacket is now serving in multiple battle arenas.