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    Rheem launches new stainless steel range in Stellar water heater suite

    Rheem Australia

    Rheem Australia has added a stainless steel range to its popular Stellar suite of water heaters. 

    Available in both electricity and gas models, the new Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel water heater range combines performance, energy efficiency and aesthetics in a lightweight design.

    Gareth Jennings, Rheem’s general manager of marketing and corporate affairs, explains that the stainless steel water heaters are a logical extension to the established and popular Rheem Stellar brand, given that there are several benefits to stainless steel; Rheem also recognised the need to provide the trade and consumers with an option, depending on their individual requirements.

    Rheem’s stainless steel water heaters are lighter compared to vitreous enamel; the electric models for instance, are up to 40% lighter than the comparable Rheemglas electric water heater models, making them easier to handle, transport and install. They are also sleek, modern and durable, and come with a 10-year warranty on the cylinder.

    Jennings adds that the significantly lighter electric models are great news for plumbers who often need to move these units up several flights of stairs in apartment blocks, or negotiate narrow side passageways of houses. Compared to vitreous enamel, stainless steel cylinders are intrinsically more resistant to corrosion.

    Rheem Stellar electric water heaters

    Key features include superior energy efficiency, reducing running costs; 12-24% better performance than MEPS; range of sizes – 80L, 125L, 160L, 250L and 315L; 160L models and up suitable for connection to economical off peak tariffs; doesn’t require a sacrificial anode for protection, reducing long term maintenance and service costs; top mounted water outlet provides the hottest water available in the tank to the tap; higher thermostat setting to 75°C maximum; up to 40% lighter than comparable Rheemglas models for easier installation and handling; and 10-year cylinder warranty.

    Rheem Stellar Gas 330 stainless steel water heaters

    Key features include 5 Star energy efficiency for reduced energy costs; up to 390L first-hour hot water capacity; Superior recovery for that extra hot water when required: 185L of mains pressure hot water recovery every hour, up to 50L additional recovery available via the inbuilt user-adjustable mixing valve; mains pressure powers many hot water demands at once, enough for large families; doesn’t require a sacrificial anode for protection, reducing long term maintenance and service costs; and 10-year cylinder warranty.

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