The energy efficient continuous flow hot water systems from Rheem Australia have been officially recognised for excellence at the annual Master Plumbers Association awards for excellence in Western Australia.  

The Rheem 24 7 Star Equivalent was named 2011 Energy Saving Product of the Year for its energy efficiency.  

John Wilkins, Rheem’s group product manager comments that the award recognises Rheem’s leadership in energy efficient technology.  

Wilkins explains that factors such as rising energy prices, greater awareness of the need to reduce water wastage, and the rolling phase-out of electric water heaters around Australia are making homeowners consider more energy efficient forms of water heating.  

The Rheem 24 7 Star Equivalent continuous flow hot water systems tick all the boxes including high efficiency design, reduced energy use, less water wastage and Rheem’s advanced hot water technology in addition to end of life recyclability.  

Conventional continuous flow water heaters with 5 Star energy efficiency transfer heat to the water passing through them via a gas-fired copper heat exchanger, losing a large amount of latent heat through the flue.  

Rheem 24/7 has addressed this problem by employing a second stainless steel high-efficiency heat exchanger, positioned after its standard heat exchanger to capture the still-hot flue air and extracting otherwise wasted latent heat for transfer into the water.  

The stainless steel secondary heat exchanger is also better able to handle the heat generated as well as withstand the condensate created by the high-efficiency heat exchange.  

Key features of Rheem 24/7 continuous flow hot water systems:  

  • Less water wastage thanks to reduced water flow at initial start-up
  • Reduced 1 watt electricity usage on standby
  • 93% thermal efficiency
  • Capable of up to 75ºC hot water delivery allowing use in commercial and domestic installations
  • Frost-protected to temperatures as low as -20ºC
  • Construction using recyclable metals such as copper, brass and steel