Kleenheat Gas and Rheem have released a Solar Loline water heater with gas boosting this month.

The system has a combined energy rating equivalent of nine stars and received the Federal Government ‘Renewable Energy Certificates’ to certify its ability in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Consumers looking for a new hot water system may also be eligible for the State Government rebate.

The Solar Loline Gas Boosting system has a 260 litre enamel storage tank installed at ground level and a 26 megajoule burner that can operate on natural gas or LP Gas.

Solar collectors are nestled unobtrusively on the roof, making the solar heater aesthetically pleasing. Water gathers in these collectors and is heated by the sun, making the water rise to the top of the collectors. The heat activates a circulator which moves the water from the solar collectors through an insulated copper pipe to the storage tank thus creating hot water.

Russell Wain, Kleenheat’s Alliance and Products Development Manger said, “The system is fully automatic with a timer to control the gas boosting but can be overridden by the user if additional boosting is required. The thermostat is adjustable to allow personal choice for temperature setting.

“The solar collectors have patented tapered riser tubes that control freezing in cold climates. The copper absorber panels provide a higher transfer of heat into the water, even on cloudy days, which means the system can be used in all states around Australia. The solar glass panels have been toughened so they are impact resistant against hail."

The system has a seven year warranty and is available from Kleenheat Gas Houses in Western Australia or customers can ring 132 180 for further information.