The RBA Group presents a range of hand dryers designed for quick and effective hand drying with noiseless operation.

RBA & Bobrick’s TrimLine hand dryer series uses a dual parallax air flow as opposed to a single stream of air to deliver a broad warm air pattern for fast and effective hand drying.

The low profile design of TrimLine hand dryers, projecting only 100mm off the wall reduces unnecessary impedance into the circulation space of the washroom.

The sensor operated TrimLine hand dryers reduce the number of points of user contact, helping to prevent the spread of harmful germs common in public washrooms.

RBA & Bobrick’s TrimLine hand dryers also help save up to 95% in costs by eliminating the need to supply paper towels.

The hand dryers are available in both stainless steel and white finishes. The TrimLine series is also available in luminance contrast option to suit accessibility compliance needs.

TrimLine hand dryers come with the assurance of a 10-year warranty.