Quartzon  is a pool render with a range of colours that create stunning, visual effects in pool water. It is also extremely strong and durable and has a high-density mix of multi-sized particles that fit closely together to produce a rock-solid surface.

Quartzon pool render is made from super white cement, white quartz, sand, metallic oxides and ceramically coated aggregate. These make Quartzon pool render long lasting and allow them to retain colour for many years.

As it contains sand and cement, this pool render lasts many years. The amount of leaves and debris left to sit on the floor of the pool will determine its appearance. If leaves and metals sit on the Quartzon, they will mark the surface. However these stains can be removed with chlorine or acid.

Quartzon pool render is applied by hand, under varying weather and site conditions. Like all cement-based pool surfacing products, it is impossible to get it totally consistent over the entire surface.