Penetration seals from Promat Australia Pty Ltd were specified and installed at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC). Used as fire collars, the penetration seals were installed last year in the Centre’s walls, floors and ceilings as well as for fire protection of the ductwork.

Beginning in late 2015 Lend Lease was engaged to transform Darling Harbour into a world-class Convention, Exhibition, Hotel and Entertainment destination. The construction of the International Convention Centre, designed by Hassell + Populous represented the first stage of the massive development.

Given the huge requirement for services, several service penetrations were made in the building. Project plumber Boone and Willard installed around 8000 Promat fire collars of various types while thousands of penetration seals were also installed throughout the building.

Promat penetration systems were specified for the application since the brand had a solution for every situation. This also meant the installer had to only deal with one supplier and one set of certifications.

Promat products used at the Sydney ICC included PROMASEAL Retrofit Collars (square base); PROMASEAL Bulkhead Sealer System; PROMASEAL Pillows; and PROMASEAL SupaWrap.