Leading waterproofing products specialist, Projex Group offers Wolfin waterproofing membranes designed to keep moisture out or contained.

Used for various projects in Australia and around the world, the Wolfin brand continues to dominate the world of waterproofing systems. Manufactured in Germany and used in Australia for over three decades, Wolfin is a flexible thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membrane with versatile application in different projects involving numerous materials.

Recyclable and UV stable, Wolfin waterproofing membranes are highly suited for diverse waterproofing applications, exceeding standard requirements for resistance. Wolfin can be used in a number of waterproofing projects including roofs, decks, balconies, gutters, tunnel walls, bunkers, basements, fountains, sewage tanks, planter boxes and more.

Some of the prestigious building projects that have used Wolfin in Australia include the award-winning Surry Hills Library, Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music and the National Library of Australia.

Key benefits of Wolfin waterproofing membranes:

  • Can be applied on practically any surface including concrete, masonry blocks, steel, CFC and timber
  • Flexible application with high resistance to many common irritants
  • Highly resilient in extreme temperatures and conditions
  • Resists chemicals such as sulphuric acid, lactic acid, kerosene, oils and fats
  • Resistance to asphalt and bitumen from shoes, dust, emissions from factories, power stations and cars
  • Special formulation resists microbes and red algae, making it ideal for roofs that come in constant contact with moisture
  • Tested and proven resistant to plant root penetration, making it perfect for garden and planter boxes
  • Scientifically proven high water vapour diffusion permeability
  • Dark colour and composition allow roof layers to heat up rapidly, causing high vapour pressure and drying out trapped moisture
  • Entirely homogenous with no fillers, plasticizers or other water-soluble materials
  • No added flame retardants
  • Resists ageing with physical values remaining the same even after years