The Wolfin membrane system was installed at the award-winning Surry Hills library under the green roof designed to enhance the building’s thermal performance.

Having won one of architecture’s most prestigious international awards, the Best New Global Design Award 2011, the Surry Hills library has officially been designated a world-leading community facility. Setting a new benchmark in environmental design and performance, the building has been designed to dramatically reduce energy use.

Wolfin GWSK waterproofing membrane was installed as the flat roofing membrane under the green roof consisting of soil and plants. The waterproofed green roof enhances the thermal performance of the building by cooling it in summer and insulating it in winter. The roof also acts as the primary collection point for the 60,000-litre rainwater storage tank, which is also lined with Wolfin GWSK waterproofing membrane.

The Wolfin membrane system is certified for use as a green roof membrane.

Wolfin waterproofing membrane is available in Australia from Projex Group .