Projex Group offers their specialised services in waterproofing roofs, which is backed by their range of high quality waterproofing products including Wolfin, Cosmofin and Koster.

According to Projex Group, one of the critical areas, in residential and commercial structures, is the need to waterproof the roof. The roof is constantly exposed to extreme changes in weather, temperature differences, ultraviolet rays and high winds.

Waterproofing the roof helps protect the structure of the building from water, industrial liquids as well as impact and corrosion risks.

Features of Projex Group Waterproofing Roof Services:

  • Can be overlaid with tiles, pavers, concrete, timber floors etc
  • Have minimum 20 year history of completed jobs
  • UV stable
  • Reputable manufacturer with ISO 9001 accreditation
  • Range of high quality waterproofing products

Projex Group has a team of skilled and experienced technical support who can assist in the proper installations of waterproofing products as well as help select the right quality brands for each type of application.