The Pluim Group is renowned for its top quality construction work. Pluim purchased a block at Terrigal overlooking the ocean and the whole of the Terrigal basin. They decided to build 4 state of the art apartments, all with spectacular views.

The individual units were all sold with “smart electrical systems” in place and the overall quality of the construction was in line with the outstanding views.

Waterproofing was a major concern, as the site is subject to salt-spray and winds on a regular basis. Pluim have used the Wolfin System for their waterproofing before and have never had any problems. So they used it on this project.

The Wolfin system was used, not only in the usual balconies and roofs, but also for the cavity flashings so that water would not penetrate through the inside skirtings. Wolfin’s stainless steel edge profiles were used as terminations as further protection against salt. The balconies were subsequently tiled over with Travertine tiles.

Pluim Constructions carried out the construction work.

GRG Waterproofing, experienced licensed Wolfin Applicators, carried out the waterproofing installation.